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Chartered Accountants in Bridgewater and Halifax

Swain Chartered Professional Accountants have been providing a long term affordable accounting solution for many small business owners in Halifax and Bridgewater, NS for what seems to be forever.


All his life, John Swain was surrounded by crazy ideas and intuition. You see, his parents were entrepreneurs who knew that by following their intuition and applying elbow grease they would find personal success.

The elder Swains had a passionate fire for their business adventures, but they found accountants to be a wet blanket that only snuffed that fire out. John often heard his parents joking: “Let's go see the accountant to find out what we did wrong.”

But John, with his own ambitions and an aptitude for numbers, saw the role of a chartered professional accountant in a different light. He saw it as a way to harness and nurture that fire.

And this is why Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. exists.

Swain is a team of people seeking to encourage owner-managers to harness their ideas and nurture them into successful businesses. This team aims to, where possible, obliterate anxiety for their clients. They don’t want to just ‘give the numbers’, they also want to inspire their clients. They exist to inspire a nation of small business.

So if you're newly ignited by the entrepreneurial fire, or have been fanning the flames for years, call the team at Swain to start an inspiring relationship with a certified professional accountant.

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From Experience...

"Many people will promise you they are not like the others, but with Swain and Associates [Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc] it's actually true! I've received only incredible service from them and even more than that, they've inspired me to think differently about what I do."- Lucy

"We love how Swain and Associates [Swain Chartered Professional Accountants Inc]  truly makes us feel that they are a part of our business team, helping us plan and manage our finances toward a better business"- Jason